Friday, August 26, 2011

Retrieving Memory

My friend Cheater Bella got me up inthe air again yesterday. Each moment of living is an opportunity to observe the self. This past year and a half I've learned about the mind body connection on a deeper level in the process of reprogramming after experiencing PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

So much of flying involves layers of information taken in through the senses and the brain. Yesterday I experienced the retrieval of these memories. In the beginning it is a tremendous amount to learn but because it is built up on so many layers of "experiencing" the knowledge becomes embedded quite deep.

Cheater works with animals, particularly those that have been damaged. I have also worked with dogs I have rescued. Because animals cannot talk the only way to gather an understanding of what is happening to them is through observation and tapping into your own instinctual knowledge. This all feeds into a deeper understanding of humans. Yesterday Cheater spoke of all these layers of memory. He certainly would have come to this in his work with animals. Because they live more in their bodies than we do and are not so distracted by the constant flow of the thinking mind it is easier to see how they store knowledge in their body mind connection. We store it the same way, be it bad, in the case of trauma or good in the knowledge of a skill.

Pain and suffering are opportunities born in desperation to open the mind and try new things. In my healing journey I began using essential plant oils. After suffering from headaches brought on by the head injury I found that the application of particular plant oils could relieve my pain and that made a believer out of me. In a class I attended by Dana Young, he mentioned that if you are trying to learn something new you could apply Rosemary oil to the third eye area of the forehead. When you needed to recall that information, apply the oil. BodyBrain connection. The more senses you engage, layering associated knowledge, the better you will be able to recall what you've learned.

The simultaneous use of physical input can also be used in meditation to reach a calm state of mind. The more techniques ( focused breathing, chanting, visualization) that are employed at one time, the faster you can stop the barrage of thoughts and reach a zen state.

I have accumulated this knowledge as a dancer,psychology major, pilot, artist, journalist and meditator. In the experience of healing from PTSD I've certainly had to employ every ounce of knowledge I have acquired to this point. This crisis has taught me so much and continues to do so.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Chris Guillebeau, author of "The Art of Non-Conformity" recommends "When faced with uncertainty-take the leap of faith. You'll regret the things you didn't do much more than anything you did."

Fear & The Creative Process

Creating on an authentic level involves encountering fears. The fear of bringing out something which isn't good enough and the fear of making mistakes are just a few. Fear is an "inhibitor" whether it rears its ugly head in the studio or in life. Sometimes I think my own fear can manifest as procrastination. Krista Kozel is a fearless artist. She never hesitates to jump right into a project. I had put off painting the door into a storage space here at home when Krista blasted me out of my intertia and we did a "tag team" paint process . It was terrific fun! Having a partner can indeed help get you going.

In order to dig deep and find the riches of the soul you have to push past fear. What are you afraid of? How long has it been since you tried something new?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Spencer Tunick Photograph

This week I watched a great documentary on Netflix: Naked States. It follows art photographer Spencer Tunick as he goes across the United States photographing people nude. It is inspiring because of his persistence in achieving this goal and the open hearts of people willing to help him in this endeavor. You can also google him to see more of his great photography.


On this creative journey it is vital to be inspired. I do this through the works of other artists, nature,travel, books, films and the support of my tribe. That's YOU GUYS READING THIS along with art lovers who buy my originals and prints and atttend art openings.

For several years now I've wanted to do a mosaic on the table we've used outside. Finally! it is underway...a big sunflower. Finding tiles has been a challenge as the world is going the way of beige! Have resorted to smashing up plates which in the end will make it far more interesting anyway. The term for such a practise is called "pique assiette" ( The Mosaic Handbook by Sarah Kelly)

Batch of Velvet

The first batch of velvet scarves are hanging out to dry. I will be taking photos soon of the stages a scarf goes through in this process.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Previously I had photographed this work when I was working on it. I had started this work for the Xochimilco show. It is based on the Aztec belief that when a woman dies giving birth her spirit is carried to the after world in the form of a butterfly. Before my show I was in a car crash and the painting came to a halt. I returned to this piece after my own healing and transformation and it became an incredibly personal work. Finally it is complete.